#If you discover a new generation of notebook computers, you will succeed this Christmas. it is a reality that technology has become one of the star gifts of Christmas. On the last day © At the Pap ˊ ol workshop, everyone became a pill expert, © The latest generation of phones, game machines and game machines, home theater systems, wireless headphones, sports bracelets, smart speakers, UAVs and various electronic devices. in factResearch on the application of Christmas Technology Based on electronic distribution chain © Nevertheless, given the epidemic and social constraints we are in, there will be more enthusiasm for technology investment this year. There is no doubt that it will be a family gathering and technology will prove to be crucial.I want to connect with the people we love. If in the past few months, our house has become an office and a school, please consult © Dika or supermarket, this holiday will be more reasonable. Once we realize that most of our leisure is digital, maybe it's time to consider a new computer to meet all our needs. To do this, you have to know how to choose a utility model suitable for your pursuit.Here you are. It's not a matter of spending money or making room for witches, because you can shop without considering function. so you should never ignore another universal truth: the processor or the machine brain itself is really important. There's a safe bet in this area: new laptops and Intel Evo platforms. They are the best choice to have a powerful, responsive computerIn need. But, what © This is Intel Evo? This is a portable device certification provided by Intel processors, demonstrating quality, speed, mobility and power consumption. Soon after © Since the launch of the 11th generation of Intel Core, the term has emerged. It is just a guarantee that the team will abide by the quality standards and ensure that users buy laptops with specific functions, which will bring them an extraordinary experience. this paper introduces the concept of Intel CoreThe? minimum requirements for obtaining Intel Evo certification are integration of Intel tiger Lake processor, starting the system in less than one second after self suspension, 9-hour autonomous loading, fast loading (4-hour autonomous loading for 30 minutes), Intel WiFi? card 6, thunderbolt 4, Passive cooling or combined with a maximum 15mm fan, FHD resolution (1920, 12 to 15.6 inch screen, reduced frame, storage 256 GB nvme, 8GB ram, two 63 DB microphones and 73 DB loudspeakers, severe sound coverage of 353 Hz or less. In short, Intel Evo certification assures customers that it is paying for a notebook computer with powerful functions, high speed, high efficiency, high quality and strong autonomy. based on the research on how to improve working methods and efficiency, All designs developed on the Intel Evo platform are based onWork with leading manufacturers of portable devices and components and be proven to ensure a superior mobile experience. Together with the new Intel iris Xe graphics, the intel core processor is designed for lightweight portability and takes dynamic performance one step further. Produce, create, connect and collaborate from anywhere. This is Intel development © The top generation. Especially dis processorEados can respond at the fastest speed in any location and (truly) meet your computer requirements. all laptops developed on the Intel Evo platform are equipped with revolutionary Intel Core i5 or i7 processors © The top generation. These devices have real-time clock performance; In the typical use environment covering applications and web pages, the average response ability is improved by more than 40%Cloud and local include Google Chrome, Microsoft Office 365, YouTube? or zoom; On the FHD screen, the batting time is nearly nine hours. All laptops developed on the Intel Evo platform are equipped with revolutionary Intel Core i5 or i7 processors © In addition, Intel Wi Fi 6 (gig +) provides nearly three times the connectivityFast, as well as high fidelity microphones and speakers to improve interactive quality and ensure video conferencing reliability. It's a luxury for those who work from home or have to attend online courses. intel core processors from all over the world © Top generation Intel iris Xe graphics enable you to play the best video games with excellent high-definition frame rate, which is unmatched by competitors. Intel iris Xe graphics © Provide, provideA bright vision with billions of colors, hdr10, Dolby's sound atmosphere and Dolby's visual content playback time and hardware acceleration are the first in the industry. if you're playing all the time, talk about the quality of graphics as if it's the Holy Grail, They need a high-performance processor you can not only play the best games at 30 frames or more, but also enjoy an incredible all-round entertainment experience ifNot Intel Core i5 or i7 processor © They allow you to quickly complete creative projects with hardware accelerated AI, whether online or offline. connect to Netflix or HBO, watch as many series and movies as you can, comment with friends on WhatsApp? or twitter, and discover new music on spotify, Learn about the most watched videos on youtube and, of course, constantly generate content to nourish your latest webNow that our leisure time has turned to the digital age, it's time to consider a new computer to meet the actual needs of families an Intel Core i5 processor will ensure that the images will not freeze and streaming media files will be played on demand. In fact, when the most important thing is high quality performance with intensive programs, it's not worth any more machines. If you're looking for the biggest benefits of creating digital content applicationsAmong multiple execution threads, the best choice is the Intel Core i7 processor. In addition, in Intel's ecosystem, thunderbolt technology allows users to connect up to four 4K screens to the computer at an amazing speed and use a USB C cable. the new processor provides a better level of performance for innovative applications and advanced power screens, Thunderbolt 4 accelerates file transfer: it's all about keeping users moving forward the Intel Evo platform is an authentication for portability with an Intel Core 11 generation processor that indicates quality, speed, mobility, and power consumption you can open productivity and / or design programs at the same time and jump between them without deadlock. Every portable design based on Intel Evo platform has been adjusted, tested and validated to ensure that customers have the best experience so that nothing gets in the way of your work: Incredible featuresResponse speed, real shot, fast charging and instant start-up. https://vasohi6095.medium.com/isaca-certification-examination-guide-bc4fe39c67cd https://vasohi6095.bandzoogle.com/blogs/blog/posts/career-ai-skills-ranking https://diigo.com/0kasak https://www.vingle.net/posts/3676421 https://vasohi6095.wixsite.com/vasohi6095

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